I moved to Philly

songs: Fugazi - Waiting Room & The Fall - Shoulder Pads #2

There's been a lot of violence and disorder in this country lately and we know who is to blame: The Joker


Songs: Kyuss - Green Machine & Sigh - The Soul Grave

I talked about my gay feelings and opinions for a whole hour on this one. Not for the faint of heart.


Songs: Songs: Ohia - I've Been Riding With the Ghost


[LWI is brought to you by Freddy]

We talked to LindyMan about the totality of human history and our future


songs: Clutch - Evil & Kanye West - Spaceship

We talked to Felix Biederman of Chapo Trap House about neet life, quarantine life, and generally living your life online


songs: The Replacements - Here Comes a Regular & Morrissey -  First of the Gang to Die

i don't remember what we talked about

songs: dio - rainbow in the dark & gucci mane - stone cold

a deep dive into ecofascism with its co-founders [fixed audio sync issue]

songs: billy joel - we didn't start the fire & limp bizkit - rearranged

We talked about the blues, work culture and answered your questions.

songs: Kansas Joe McCoy - Pile Driver Blues & Porcupine Tree - Nine Cats

We talked about Infinite Jest.

Songs: Modern Lovers - I'm Straight & Pavement - Stop Breathin

Why do we listen to Ween? Why do we smoke weed? Answers inside.

songs: Ween - Stay Forever & Ween - Transdermal Celebration

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